Autumn is the golden season to sell your property

Although spring is often considered the most popular season to sell property, autumn can be just as profitable for sellers and brings some unique advantages to the table.

As the summer sun starts to fade and leaves change to the warm, crisp colours autumn is renowned for, it’s an excellent time to put your house on the market and reap the rewards that this golden season has to offer with First National JXRE having obtained more than 200 active buyers in the first quarter that are now looking for a home to purchase.

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There are many factors to consider and questions to ask before making the decision to put your house on the market. Here are some reasons why autumn might be the best season for you:

Less Stock, Increased demand:

Whilst Melbourne’s real estate market is generally active year-round, there tends to be a surge in demand during the autumn months, with typically fewer properties available as many homes go on the market and sell during spring or summer, leaving less choice for buyers moving into autumn. With less competition from other similar properties, the odds of converting your listing into a successful sale is much higher!

Motivated buyers:

Another advantage of selling a house in autumn is that the buyers looking at this time of year are often more serious about purchasing, with many people looking for a new home after selling in spring and summer. While end of financial year considerations will be a serious motivator for savvy people looking to make a property purchase for tax purposes. Listing your property in autumn can put it on the radar of these more serious buyers.

Optimal weather and scenery:

As we move from the hot and harsh summer weather to the milder autumn weather, not only will your gardens benefit from the cooler weather showcasing them in glorious greens, golds and reds, potential buyers will also appreciate the more comfortable conditions. With picturesque scenery forming an attractive backdrop and the cooler environment creating a relaxing ambience, prospective buyers will be more likely to consider making an offer, leading to increased sales.

Time to house-hunt:

By autumn, potential buyers have had time to settle back into their regular work routine after the long summer break and are able to start planning for the year ahead. This also means that there a less delays in negotiations and administration by solicitors and lenders, making the process of selling your home much faster and smoother.

Whilst it’s true that autumn coincides with the Easter school holidays, this can be beneficial as most families remain at home and potentially have more time to house-hunt without the demands of school drop-offs and extracurricular activities.

Overall, selling your property in Melbourne during autumn can be a strategic move that allows you to take full advantage of the glorious scenery, comfortable environment, low stock, high demand and motivated buyers with more time on their hands.

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