Ergonomic Set Up To Work From Home

Are You Facing Weeks Or Possibly Months Of Working From Home?

Whether it be your first time or if you’re a work from home veteran, it’s likely that you will benefit from some tips in setting up your workstation at home.

In the workplace, we are provided with a comfortable and safe environment which can be easily forgotten when we work from home. In the office, we have optimal lighting for reading and looking at computer screens, the desks are the right height, the chairs can be adjusted, and other luxuries such as multiple screens and screen stands.

To help you with setting up a safe and comfortable workstation, and to ensure you are set up for success at home, here are our 5 tips.

Evaluate Your Chair Height

If you’re working at your dining table, your chair may be too low, causing you to hunch over and strain your neck and shoulders. If the dining table is the only place for you to work from try to sit on a cushion and use a footrest for extra support. A long term solution will be an adjustable work chair that is well padded with a backrest that supports your back. Your seat should also be flat or sloping upwards, not downwards.

Screen Height Is Important Too

If you are unable to find a comfortable cushion to sit on, adjusting your screen’s height will be a good alternative. Place your screen on top of a large book or ream of A4 paper to raise it to your eye level which will prevent you from looking down and the overuse of your neck muscles.

Have Regular Standing Breaks

When you sit at your desk and at your computer, it should be set at a height that allows your shoulders to be relaxed, not slumping forward. Remember to take a break from your workstation, have a walk around the house or step outside from some sunshine and fresh air.

Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse!

If you are working from a laptop, they’re unfortunately not designed to be used for long periods of time. Using a separate keyboard, mouse and screen with your laptop will allow you to work in a comfortable ergonomic position. A laptop stand can also assist you with the position of your laptop and is relatively inexpensive.

Ensure There Is Enough Light

Bright, natural light is best for working on a computer or reading. Low light causes your eyes to strain and will quickly make your eyes tired. If you’ve ever worked late and noticed your eyes starting to strain, it’s likely due to the poor lighting making the muscles in your eyes work overtime.

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