Why invest in Clayton now?

The City of Monash is pushing ahead with a solid and bold “long term vision” for the suburb of Clayton.

For the past few years, the Melbourne suburb some 18kms south-east of the city’s CBD, has acknowledged the need for “transformative” thinking about the future. For instance, the current population of about 21,000 is set to kick up to 29,000 in the next decade and a half. That number could be even higher now that the Victorian government has unveiled its $50 billion plans for the massive suburban rail loop ‘Super Hub’, including an underground station at Clayton.

In January this year, the council kicked off 2020 by adopting the precinct plan for what it calls the Clayton Activity Centre, comprising the Clayton Road area from Centre Road to just north of the Monash Medical Centre. Victoria’s department of planning says activity centres are “vibrant community hubs where people shop, work, meet, relax” and live. Clayton’s activity centre includes the residential and commercial areas, the railway station and the Monash Medical Centre. The precinct plan is to lay out how the area looks, feels and functions both now and into the future.

The City of Monash said the Clayton precinct plan specifically sets out how the land should be used for shops, industry and living, and includes details like building heights and improvements for public transport, roads, walking and cycling.

Overall, the plan is to make Clayton a destination for CBD-level employment, research and living, that includes-

  • new shops
  • medical research
  • better transport
  • connections for employment, education and other activities
  • a car parking strategy
  • the creation of a “new identity and sense of place”

It’s just a part of a wider initiative called the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster (Monash NEIC)– the largest such cluster in Melbourne combining education, research and industry, representing some 80,000 jobs. Outside the CBD, there are more jobs inside the Monash cluster than anywhere else in Victoria, and those current job numbers are expected to double in the next 30 years, leading to more growth and opportunity for Clayton residents.

What’s next?

Monash mayor Stuart James thanked the Clayton community for helping to guide the plan through the consultation phase, but the last details – including how to manage parking problems – will have to wait until the precise location of the ‘Super Hub’ train station is decided by the Victorian government. Transport infrastructure minister Jacinta Allan told the Herald Sun: “We’re getting the best advice from a range of experts and we’re talking to local stakeholders and councils.”
News of these plans have set the scene for an exciting, bright and promising future for those already living in Clayton and for anyone looking to buy a home in Clayton.

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